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Why Offer Financing Options For Your Customers?

  • 80% of businesses lease some or all of their equipment.
  • Selling a payment is easier than selling a total price.
  • Leasing can help you increase the size of the sale.
  • Lease payments are tax-deductible business expenses
  • Customers can profit from their equipment immediately, rather than starting with a large deficit

Vendors Choose Atlas Financial To:

  • Sell more equipment and help increase margin
  • Improve cash flow and liquidity while preserving capital
  • Close sales quickly
  • Establish new relationships and increase customer loyalty
  • Minimize exposure and investment requirements
  • Have a relationship that eliminates the cost and administrative burden of maintaining an in-house leasing operation

Customized Vendor Financing Program

Atlas Financial takes a consultative approach to developing finance programs for manufacturers, distributors and dealers. Atlas recognizes your needs and answers them with customized solutions that change in step with your business' needs. Our interest in your business enables us to comprehensively analyze your operations and take advantage of opportunities. As your business grows and changes, we are able to offer a wide array of services and strategic advice to help you achieve your long-term goals. Change is constant. Atlas realizes that what works for you today may not be the best solution in a few years. Many of our competitors demand an exclusive relationship. You'll find that we work differently. We understand the need for flexibility and work to meet your needs whether we serve as a component of your financing solution or enjoy an exclusive relationship. We strive to become an integral part of your organization and optimize delivery of a customized financial solution. You can feel confident that Atlas Financial will remain steadfast and work towards your best interests and those of your customers. Start increasing your sales with Atlas Financial.

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