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Brew Your Own Savings With Coffee Equipment Financing

Something interesting happened during a recent visit to a coffee shop near our company’s headquarters. When ordering our coffees, we were informed that the espresso machines were broken. That meant no cappuccinos, lattes or espressos could be made. The coffee shop’s employees were very apologetic for the inconvenience, but you could sense their concern. No working espresso machines meant they couldn’t make their most expensive coffee drinks, and this most likely affected their sales for the day. This is a perfect example of the need for coffee equipment financing. Here at Atlas Financial, we understand the importance of having top-quality espresso machines and related equipment in your coffee shop. The right equipment helps your coffee shop run efficiently and enables your baristas to make the coffee drinks that your customers enjoy. As a coffee shop owner, you know the profit margin of popular espresso drinks is higher than drip coffee. The Many Benefits of Coffee Shop Equipment Leasing You’re in business to sell coffee and make a profit. Helping your coffee shop achieve success requires a combination of smart business planning, branding, delicious coffees and outstanding service that creates loyal customers. Obviously, your espresso machines, coffee equipment and supplies also play an important role in the success of your coffee shop. All of this is very expensive, which makes equipment leasing a more attractive option than a cash purchase. Leasing your coffee shop equipment preserves your cash flow and your much-needed credit lines. This allows you to save more money for unexpected slow periods, and have available credit for things like new furniture and fixtures and expansion. Leasing coffee shop equipment also presents you with several key tax advantages. Check with your tax adviser to learn more. Quality Coffee Equipment Gives You a Competitive Advantage No matter what US market your coffee shop is located in, you are probably competing against large coffee chains and other independent coffee shops. Top-of-the-line coffee brewing systems and espresso machines give your coffee shop a competitive advantage because they work quickly and make coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and more that will please even your most discerning customers. Other coffee shop equipment that needs to be of the highest quality includes: Airpot coffee brewers Thermal coffee brewers Espresso grinders Bulk coffee grinders Portion coffee grinders Smoothie blenders Remember, your coffee shop’s best new customers are your current customers. You know them and they know you. You probably know what coffees they order every time they visit your coffee shop. Presumably you are doing a fantastic job or they would be going to a different coffee shop. Make sure your coffee shop has the brewing systems, espresso machines and other equipment to ensure consistent quality so your customers will maintain brand loyalty and refer their friends, coworkers and family members. Atlas Financial Offers Affordable Lease Plans for Coffee Shop Equipment Atlas Financial can help you get the full array of equipment that your coffee shop needs, for a low monthly lease payment you can afford. Leasing your coffee shop equipment through Atlas Financial gives you access to our outstanding customer service, simple application process, competitive rates and quick funding capabilities. These are some of the many reasons why many thousands of small businesses trust Atlas Financial for their equipment leasing needs. Atlas Financial has provided equipment leasing solutions to numerous coffee shops, which means we know your business and its unique equipment needs.