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Leasing Helps Equipment Dealers Increase Sales

Business in 2014 is trending upward. While it is very possible that your customers’ spending will increase as the economy continues to strengthen, it’s also possible it will take some time for your business to see the results. Luckily, many equipment dealers choose to lease their equipment through a partner like Atlas Financial to capture more business with faster results. Offering lease agreements to your customers is one way of overcoming purchasing obstacles. Here are some tactics you can use to educate your buyers on the benefits of leasing:

1. Leasing can help your customers save money

Focus your efforts on informing customers how financing equipment from you will help save money. Leasing equipment allows your customers to take advantage of several tax benefits while deducting the monthly payments from their taxable income. If you operate your business in a storefront, consider displaying flyers on the benefits of leasing equipment for everyone to see.

2. Leasing emphasizes value, not price

Rather than negotiating on price, you can sell equipment based on the affordability of a monthly payment. Also, your customer’s payments are spread out over a term, so the cost difference between high and low-end equipment is minimal each month. This is a huge benefit for most businesses who ideally would love to have top of the line equipment at their disposal.

3. Leasing helps avoid technology obsolescence

In order to respond flexibly to changes in technology, it is important that your customers have the option to easily upgrade their equipment. With the help of leasing, your customers are able to upgrade or add-on to their lease at any time. Next time your customers express concerns about forking over a large amount of cash all at once for equipment, consider offering leasing as a solution.